In this sports analytics methods blog, Victor Holman provides the latest strategies to help coaches, analysts and management improve the IQ, team dynamics & execution of their players. Learn about sports analytics methodologies, best practices and latest trends as Victor brings real life examples with today’s teams.

Victor Holman is a business performance expert, management consultant, speaker, and author. His thought leadership in business performance, organizational performance and process improvement has been demonstrated in books, frameworks and products he’s published over the last 20 years. Victor has served as a performance expert, project manager and management consultant to over 100 organizations, including Fortune 500 companies and Federal Agencies. He’s been featured in major television, radio and print media outlets for his ability to help small businesses outperform their competition by applying strategies, frameworks and management tools that work for large, successful businesses. And Victor is applying these same concepts to sports management and sports analytics.

Victor believes that like small businesses, less talented basketball programs can level the playing field by applying a sports analytics methods that transcend their analytics programs beyond management decision making and into quantitative results delivered by the players.

He also believes that in order to make a team function at optimal performance, it’s critical that game data is gathered, analyzed and translated into value that can be easily measured and delivered by its players. Victor can help teams figure out how to apply their data and existing analytics systems to help players measure value, increase IQ and create synergy using his Agile Basketball Framework.