Are You Looking For Sports Analytics Consulting Services?

Taking your sports analytics program to the next level isn’t easy. Adopting a new approach and/or philosophy brings many obstacles. For one, there’s a learning curve that the organization must overcome. In addition, there will be push back from some players and other organizational staff. That’s where top notch sports analytics consulting is critical.

Our sports analytics consulting team can train key team members, educate stakeholders and communicate changes in roles and processes. We’ll help you develop a winning culture!


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Agile Sports Analytics Consulting Help Teams…

  • Define their identity, goals and team strategy
  • Analyze data, define value and build player profiles
  • Create a seamless flow of data across scouting, cap management, player performance and player information
  • Build decision management systems with real time and historical data
  • Identify metrics that maximize player and team performance
  • Build predictive models for acquiring prospects, recruits and trades
  • Design automated workflows and secure their data
  • Implement a clear process for executing their game plan
  • Gain a competitive edge leveraging their existing analytic programs


Agile Sports Analytics Consulting Services Include…

  • Sports Analytics Team and Player Assessments
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Assessments
  • Security Risk and Impact Assessments
  • Cost Analysis
  • Analytics Models and Algorithms
  • Process and Performance Improvement


Find Out How Mature Your Sports Analytics Program Is. Take This FREE Assessment ($500 Value)


To learn more about transitioning your team to Agile Sports, contact Victor Holman. Victor is available to work with teams and help them apply these concepts to their existing analytic platforms to measure value, improve player IQ and create synergy.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Victor Holman can be contacted at victor @agilesportsanalytics .com or by telephone at (888) 861-8733